A Memo on My Heart

All that I’m missing:
1. Days at college (whether relaxing or busy doing paperwork)
2. Hours spent in the library (reading and in the lethargy)
3. Hours spent with you walking around your campus and my city
4. Hours spent with my good friends doing things around (paperwork, chatting, enjoying yummy food)
All that makes the moments sentimental to me:
1. A good movie or story particularly reminding me of you
2. A good movie that inspires me something new in the relationship
3. An event that teaches me something new in my life at work
4. A lovely student who shows his/ her enthusiasm or good intention to me or the subject I teach
The last movie which moved me and made me laugh:
Just Married 新婚告急– a story about a young couple loveing each other bravely, fighting against the temptation firmly, tolerating each other’s disadvantages, and trying to accept or change them. 
What this movie teaches me:
1. Go for your love without hesitation.
2. Put quality before quantity (rather go without than have something shoddy).
3. Do understand what characters your want for yourself in the rest of your life.
4. Don’t put yourself together with a fat head unless you are very sure you want to be like him/ her.

4 則迴響 (+add yours?)

  1. heiying1
    三月 31, 2006 @ 22:22:51

    I totally share the same feeling when seeing the words" Days at college (whether relaxing or busy doing paperwork)"…It seems our campus life was my toughest but sweetest time in my life. I really miss all of you guys.
    Chirstina always write sometine so touching and meaningful. Please go on…my dear friend!
    By the way, I move my blog to Xuite as the sudden breakdown of my origin one.


  2. follow your feeling...
    三月 31, 2006 @ 23:26:43

    Dear Estelle,  thank you very much for giving me such feedbacks.   I feel so touched.  I really miss you guys and look forward to having another reunion with Frey and you and Rose.  When will we meet again?  Please let me know when you\’re available.  By the way, if available, we could go to TPE together to visit Frey.  😀


  3. heiying1
    四月 04, 2006 @ 20:46:50

    I am so glad to know you\’d like to have a reunion.
    It seems that I won\’t be available untiil July. I am going to take Japanese courses in Wenzao in the middle of April. Anyway, I really want to meet all of you…Why don\’t we just arrange some time to meet meet each other (you & me!!)


  4. Cristina
    四月 04, 2006 @ 22:17:38

    Sure, Estelle!! I\’d loooooooove to meet you, just you and me, hahaha.
    Well, so when will it be? Are you available on Saturdays? 




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