Yesterday was not my day

Yesterday was not my day, well, not before learning how to drive.
I admit that learning driving a car is interesting, but it can be more interesting if the coach could be kinder.  I’m not saying that my coach is unamiable, but at least not so friendly.  He was very friendly at beginning (because he wanted me as his student).  He was patient when teaching me how to back a car and pull over (I did it well).  But now, I can see that he’s losing his patience for my being unskilled at driving in the S-type road. 
It made me feel so bad, so frustrated.  I am not a lazy student, but just can’t remember such complicated trips so well.  "It’s not my day." I thought.
So, he taught and taught and taught again.  I learned and learnd and learned again.  I was eagerly to get practiced with driving in the S-type road, but just couldn’t remember so many trips at one time.  Finally, the coach couldn’t stand my obliviousness so he copied me a note with all the trips on it.
Thanks for the help from the note, I can finally back the car in the S-type road well now.  Later on Monday, I will definitelly make a perfect work on advancing.  I can do it!


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