I am sorry

I happened to have a chance to take a look at some documents saved in the computer, and happened to read the letter I wrote to you three years ago.
Did I open it and read it?  No, I didn’t.  Why not? 
It is because I dared not.
I dared not  read it, for I was afraid to feel sad. 
I dared not  read it, for I didn’t want to be hurt, hurt by my sincerity and by your carelessness.
It’s so ironic that I don’t want to read the letter but I still keep it in my computer.
I don’t know when it will be deleted but I won’t set a deadline. 
Let everything go away through its exit, my mind tells me.  Everything will find its way out in the end, there’s no need to worry about a specific trivial; not to mention a relationship gone away for a long time.
I am sorry for myself for I still think about you.  I am not sad at all, really, but only sorry, for being a person so kindly emotional.



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